09.15.18 Myofascial Release Workshop


Our bodies are swathed from head to toe with fascia, layers of connective tissue that surround every muscle, bone, nerve and organ in the body. When the fascia is in a normal, healthy state it is relaxed, flexible and smooth to movement. But, when the fascia becomes taught due to daily life and repetitive motions or physical trauma, you can experience pain, tension, rigid and less pliable movements, creation of pulls/pressures in body – even misalignment or injury over time.

In this workshop you will experience the use of rounds and props against our bodies trigger points to stretch and release tight fascia. You’ll learn simple, yet effective Myofascial Release (MFR) techniques to apply to your everyday life. Join us and discover a new way of healing; explore the potential to release and let go into a softer and suppler body and mind.

All levels welcome. Class will include a gentle flow to bring warmth and circulation, myofascial release to front, back and side body – concluding with a well-deserved, restorative savasana.

Included: everything you need to get started, take-home manual with listed trigger points and 2 myofascial release rounds (balls)!

Refund Policy: 48+ hour notice for 80% refund | After that non-refundable | No exceptions

Price $50 (Register before 08.31.18 for $5 off, use promo MYOF to apply this discount) Space is limited.

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