The corporate world can be stressful. Teams form, evolve and grow. Are you looking for a unique team building exercise to get team members to bond and work closer together? Do you want something different, that goes beyond your typical team building exercises?

Our unique team building programs draw on traditional team building models as well as Krav Maga. They are perfect for improving team dynamics, focusing on shared goals, and improving communication.

Participants work in pairs and small groups. Groups will change regularly meaning everyone will work with everyone else numerous times.

Healthy team members come to work more often, are more productive and in better spirits. Motivate your team members, decrease stress, increase confidence, have fun, and raise productivity with one of our programs. Please contact our Program Director, Ashley Bird, to get set up.

Group Seminars – A unique seminar of games and techniques working in groups or pairs to challenge the skills your team members never knew they had.

Six-Week Session – Team members will work in groups and pairs to learn how anyone can defend themselves regardless of size or gender.

Corporate Wellness Program – Includes access to all of our classes as well as the strength and cardio equipment. Our corporate programs provide your team members with real savings that extend to their immediate families.