03.29.17 Six-Week Defensive Weapons Training for Women in Partnership with C&S Shooting Sports

03.29.17-05.03.17 A violent encounter can occur at any time. During the encounter, a CWP may come in handy. Can you get to your gun? Can you accurately put shots where they need to be under extreme stress and fear?

C&S Shooting Sports and Charleston Krav Maga have teamed up to offer this six week defensive weapons training course. This course will focus on learning how to defend yourself and your loved ones. You will be learning how to fight and get back to your weapon when a higher level of force is necessary. You will also be learning the fundamentals of shooting in order to accurately put shots where they need to go in the event that the violent encounter calls for it.

Where? C&S Shooting Sports [click here for directions]

When? Wednesdays 6PM-8PM 03.29.17-05.03.17

Ready to Register? Register by selecting the button below and the course link on March 29th on the calendar or call C&S at 843.747.0223.
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