NEWS 4: SELF DEFENSE SERIES BEGINS THIS MONTH AT LOCAL KRAV MAGA STUDIO There hasn’t been a shortage of danger lately. From the kidnapping of Heidi Todd on Johns Island and the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.  In light of recent tragedies, Charleston Krav Maga & MMA will be hosting a series of self-defense seminars for the month of March. The seminars will be led by Krav Maga Black Belt Instructor, Matt Robinson and his team of certified Krav Maga instructors. The seminars will give students the tools they need to protect themselves from various types of attacks involving knife, gun, blunt object and home invasion scenarios. [read more]

NEWS 4: 4AM DIVAS STAYING SAFE WHILE GETTING FIT IN THE NEW YEAR  A few weeks into the New Year, hopefully you are one of the few sticking to your resolutions to get fit. It may mean waking up extra early or staying up late and working out in the dark. Have you considered the dangers? ABC News 4 is teaching you how to stay safe while going the extra mile. [read more]


NEWS 4: IMPORTANCE OF SELF DEFENSE. News 4 takes a look at the importance of training in self-defense. [view more]


NEWS 4: SELF-DEFENSE EXPERTS DISCUSS IMPORTANCE OF BEING AWARE OF SURROUNDINGS Self-defense classes are becoming more and more popular. Most are martial arts-based, but one local expert says in real life there’s nothing choreographed. An attack from behind, it’s a crisis tough to escape once you’re in it. But it happened to a woman Tuesday morning outside her North Charleston home. Police said Joseph Frazier and another man rushed her as she was coming home. A man inside the woman’s apartment heard the commotion and opened fire, shooting and killing Frazier. The incident is a reminder how important it is to know how to defend yourself. [read more]


LIVE 5 NEWS: ALL ADMINISTRATORS IN BCSD NOW TRAINED IN HANDS-ON SELF DEFENSE Administrators in the Berkeley County School District are now trained in self defense techniques thanks to a district wide initiative focused on safety and security. Since December 2015 principals and assistant principals at schools across the district took part in several mandatory hands-on seminars. Tuesday the final group of assistant principals took the class. BCSD is the only district in the Lowcountry teaching these hands-on defense techniques. “Teachers and administrators are our first line of defense,” said safety and security officer Tim Knight, with BCSD. [view more]


NEWS 2: IS LOCKDOWN ENOUGH TO PROTECT KIDS FROM ACTIVE SHOOTERS IN SCHOOLS? An active shooter inside a school is without a doubt, the worst nightmare for any parent. Columbine. Sandy Hook. Just saying the names of the schools is enough to make you shutter. The way schools react to an active shooter is the ‘lockdown’. The ‘lockdown’ in most schools consists of the teacher turning off the lights, locking the door, reinforcing the door with desks if they can, and huddling the kids in one corner of the room. It’s not a secret…it’s just what is done, and not everybody thinks it is the best way to protect students when an active shooter is in a building. [view more]


LIVE 5 NEWS: SURVIVING AN ACTIVE SHOOTER A local self-defense company is jumping in to action to try to make sure your children are safe in school. There were over 300 mass shootings in 2015 alone. They happened at offices, schools, movie theater, and even churches including Mother Emanuel AME in downtown Charleston. Self Defense trainers say eight times out of ten active killer situations are stopped by force. This means law enforcement or even an innocent bystander makes the decision to step up, and fight. [view more]


NEWS 2: ACTIVE KILLER DEFENSE SEMINAR Saturday, April 23rd folks from across the Lowcountry have the opportunity to take part in an active killer defense seminar put on by the Charleston Krav Maga/MMA. Fit to Fight founder Ryan Hoover has developed a program primarily designed to impact individual, corporate and campus safety procedures while recognizing the need for realistic training and solutions. These programs consider that many traditional “fixes” may be cost-prohibitive, impractical, politically unpalatable or simply ineffective. [view more]


NEWS 4: LOWCOUNTRY WOMAN LEARNS KRAV MAGA FOR SELF DEFENSE AFTER BEING ATTACKED Wednesday was a regular afternoon for Laura Baldino at Charleston Krav Maga & MMA. “I saw they had a class for women only and I felt comfortable with that,” she said. Krav Maga isn’t for the faint of heart. “What I learned was how to defend myself and I gained a lot of confidence. I’m kind of tough now.” [view more]


LIVE 5 NEWS: WEST ASHLEY SCHOOL OFFERS FREE CLASS TO COMBAT SEXUAL ASSAULT In honor of sexual assault month, West Ashley studio Charleston Krav Maga is offering a free self defense class to women age 12 and up. According the United States Department of Justice, more than 2.5 million women experience violence each year. “You have to do something,” said studio instructor Matt Robinson. “If I do something, I’m guaranteed a result of some kind, and usually in my favor,” he said. “There’s an 86 percent rate of success if a person fights back.” [view more]


POST & COURIER: STINGRAYS’ NATE KISER GOES HOCKEY TOUGH GUY TO MMA FIGHTER So when he entered the caged octagon for the first time as a Mixed Martial Arts fighter, Kiser thought he was ready. When the bell rang and the punches began to fly, however, Kiser quickly forgot his MMA training and returned to what made him one of the most feared tough guys in professional hockey. [read more]


LIVE 5 NEWS: WEST ASHLEY RAPE ENCOURAGES WOMEN TO TAKE SELF DEFENSE CLASS Charleston Police are still on the lookout for a suspect accused of carjacking and raping a woman that occurred two weeks ago in West Ashley. In light of the recent attack, a local self-defense training center hosted a free seminar for women on Saturday. [view more]


NEWS 4: KRAV MAGA HITS THE LOWCOUNTRY From the deserts of the Middle East, to the octagon of ultimate fighting, Krav Maga is now one of the leading techniques when it comes to self-defense – and now it has a home in the Lowcountry. Tenacity, training, and technique — all what it takes to be a fighter — attributes Matt Robinson, owner and instructor at Charleston Krav Maga knows all too well from his time in the cage. [view more]


LIVE 5 NEWS: ADVOCATES AGAINST RAPE PUSH SELF DEFENSE CLASS People Against Rape or PAR for short is an advocacy organization that says women must always be on guard and use common sense while out and about. Par partners its clients with Charleston Krav Maga to teach women’s self-defense. Women learn how to use their bodies and items they already have on them such as keys or even high-heeled shoes to fight an attacker. [view more]


NEWS 4: WOMEN PACK A PUNCH FOR SEXUAL ASSAULT AWARENESS It takes a powerful punch to feel safe in the world today. April is sexual assault awareness month, and as martial arts trainer Matt Robinson says, women should always be on alert.”The bad guy is always out there and the bad guy usually lets us go home safe because they choose not to pick us that night or that day,” said Charleston Krav Maga owner, Matt Robinson.But what if we do find ourselves in a dangerous situation one day?”It’s as easy as maybe learning one move that can change the outcome of a attack,” Robinson said. [view more]


LIVE 5 NEWS: CHILDREN LEARN TO DEFEND THEMSELVES After an eight-year-old girl is nearly abducted in her Mount Pleasant neighborhood, parents of young children want to make sure their kids know what to do in a similar situation. Kids are learning self-defense at the Krav Maga Center in West Ashley. “Ready and go!” the instructor yelled.  “No!” the kids yelled. A powerful two letter word children are learning to use as a defense. At the karate center Matt Robinson teaches children from 4 to 10 years old about personal safety. [view more]


NEWS 4: INSTRUCTOR OFFERS NIGHT OF FREE SELF DEFENSE FOR REALTORS An area self-defense instructor wants to help local women protect themselves. Matt Robinson owns Charleston Krav Maga, and on Thursday night he held a free self-defense class for realtors. The class is designed to help empower them following the death of an Arkansas realtor. “Beverly Carter, does anybody know that name? That’s why I started this today,” Robinson told the attendees Thursday night. “I know you have things that you need to be doing, but you chose to come here tonight. This was definitely prompted by the death of the real estate in Arkansas, I believe her name was Beverly Carter.” [view more]


POST & COURIER: FORMER SOUTH CAROLINA STINGRAYS’ TOUGH GUY MAKES MMA DEBUT For seven seasons Kiser was one of the ECHL’s most feared tough guys. During nearly 500 professional hockey games, Kiser, who finished his career with a franchise record 1,131 penalty minutes, dropped his gloves to fight about once every four games. [read more]