Active Shooter Seminars (1.5 hours) View coverage from Live 5 News.

It’s a subject that makes us very uncomfortable, a subject that is not easy to discuss and a subject that is easy to ignore as we go about our lives in the “peaceful” Lowcountry – but school shootings are A REALITY and we, as educators, need to be prepared.  During these hands-on FREE seminars, certified instructors will introduce your school’s teachers and administrators to a variety of active shooter scenarios including disarming techniques, take-down tactics, and classroom safety. Contact Katie for details.

  • safe zones in classrooms
  • short and long gun defense drills
  • take-down drills
  • profiling
  • code words


FREE Anti-Bully and Abduction-Prevention School Seminars

Tailored specifically for K12 students, these introductory seminars will equip participants with the necessary skills to defend themselves against a much larger attacker regardless of their size and gender. Our certified instructors will lead discussions about strangers, bullies and the buddy system as well as hands-on training in the most practical form of self-defense, Krav Maga. Defenses will include typical K12 scenarios such as attempted kidnapping/abduction, bus/confined space attacks, group attacks and anti-bully. Contact Katie for details.



FREE School Safety Seminars for Students

Yes, it is just as important to prepare your students for scenarios such as mass shootings.  So how can you do this without scaring them? Easy…make it fun.  Our staff is certified in the best techniques in self-defense instruction for kids to keep them safe in the event of a dangerous situation. Contact Katie for details.

  • quite game and safe zones
  • code words
  • basic self-defense


Self-Defense & Fitness Physical Education Sessions

Add real life fitness to your PE program. Krav Maga is an extremely powerful workout, and the best part…kids do not feel like they are working out, they are simply having fun!  We participate in PE programs all around the Lowcountry to offer a variety of exercise for the children in our community.  Contact Ashley for details.


College Prep Seminars for Seniors

College is an exciting time in any young adult’s life – help make it a safe one!  Our hands-on College Prep Seminars run college bound participants through typical scenarios they may face in and around campus.  Including impaired judgement techniques, campus safety, alley and car-jacking defense.   Contact Ashley for details.