Looking for the perfect gift for the lady in your life this Valentine’s Day? We can help!

WOMEN’S ONLY SIX-WEEK EMPOWERMENT SESSION  |  $85.00  | click here to purchase
One of our most popular offerings, our six-week women’s only session – the next session begins on February 21st! Over 7,800 women have participated in our unique Women’s Only Empowerment Sessions since we created the program in 2008! Come and discover the transformation for yourself! Learn how anyone can defend themselves regardless of size or gender while getting into the best shape of your life!


HEART YOGA WORKSHOP | $20.00 | click here to purchase
02.17.18 1:30-3:00PM Yoga makes the heart happy! Treat yourself to an afternoon of self-love. Come and experience an uplifting gentle practice to open the heart, and practice loving kindness toward ourselves. This class will be a heart-centered. Starting with gentle chest and heart openers, and finishing with restorative poses. No yoga experience necessary.

Want something to wrap? Come in and purchase plastic gift cards and pair then with a tee shirt or hand wraps!